The SOunding Landscape

An electronic travel aid for the blind

The objective of this project is to develop a technology that will enable blind people to see the world with their ears. By equipping the blind person with a portable computer, earphones and a

stero camera pair, it is possible to give him a three-dimensional  reconstruction of the scene that is encoded by appropriate sound synthesis techniques, called sonification,  the acoustic analogous of visualization.


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There are two operation modes:

  1. The system sonifies  the position of a laser spot produced by a laser pointer handled by the  blind person;
  2. The system sonifies the whole scene by assigning suitable sounds to different patches of the disparity map.

[demo (AVI) (MOV)]



For more information please refer to the published papers.


  • Project proposal (PDF)
  • Mobile HCI 2002c paper (PDF)
  • Mobile HCI presentation (PPT)
  • ICMI 2002 paper (PDF)
  • Presentazione tesi (PPT)


Contributors: Matteo Gobbi, Luca Sartor, Davide Rocchesso, Federico Fontana, Vittorio Murino, Andrea Fusiello.