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and Image Processing

September. 28 - 30 , November 2004
Organized by the Vision, Image Processing and Sound Laboratory
Department of Computer Science, University of Verona, Italy in collaboration with Sense-to-Sound, Sound-to-Sense (


1. Tuesday, sept. 28, 14.00 -- 17.00 Giandomenico Orlandi (Univ. Verona): Mathematical Preliminaries.
Basic ideas in calculus, topology, differential geometry, and variational calculus.

2. Tuesday, sept. 28, 17.00 SEMINAR: Georg Essl (Medialab Europe, Dublin) Topological Ideas in Sound Synthesis.
How does a traffic roundabout, a detour and a traffic jam relate to sound synthesis? Why is this like gluing together a few rubber bands? In this seminar I hope to describe ideas of topology and how they can be translated into ideas to create structures for sound synthesis. By emphasizing the notion of periodicity and coincidence the topology of street layout can be turned into a sounding structure. We will illustrate how some of these ideas relate to sound generated by physical structures and how it is potentially different.

3. Wednesday, sept. 29, 9.00 -- 12.00 Georg Essl (Medialab Europe, Dublin): Topology and Dynamical Systems.
The wave equation in 1 and 2 dimensions. Geometric optics. Rays, eikonal, orbits, billiards, caustics, short wave asymptotics.

4. Wednesday, sept. 29, 14.00 -- 17.00 Georg Essl (Medialab Europe, Dublin): Geometry of Wave Phenomena
Rays and Fronts. Huygens' principle in PDEs in 1, 2, and 3 dimensions.Plane curves and fronts: singularities, invariants. Wave fronts: reflections, interactions, caustics.

5. Thursday, sept. 30, 9.00 -- 12.00 Several Presenters coordinated by Davide Rocchesso (Univ. Verona): Applications in Sound Processing.
Physics- and Geometry-based Sound Modeling. Experiences and Perspectives.

6. Date to be decided (november or december), 8.30 -- 12.30 Pietro Polotti (Univ. Verona): From the Atom of Hydrogen to mp3.
Quantum mechanics and orthonormal and complete sets of functions. The hydrogen atom and Legendre, Laguerre, and Bessel functions. Fourier, Wavelet, and Discrete Cosien transforms. Applications in coding and compression.

7. Date to be decided (november or december), 14.00 -- 16.00 Matthias Rath (Univ. Padova): Modal Synthesis.
Derivation, implementation, and practice of the modal description for vibrating solid objects.

8. Date to be decided (november or december), 16.00 -- 18.00 Federico Fontana (Univ. Verona): Boundary Reflection of Acoustics Waves.
Fundamentals of acoustics wave reflection. Discrete time and space modeling of reflection phenomena..

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Doctoral students willing to get a credit from this class should attend all the 20 hours and return an assignment that will be handled via email.

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