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NEWS: 20 September 2005

The final Lectures Schedule is now available, click >>here<<.

NEWS: 8 September 2005

If you are late but you would like to partecipating to the 5th VIPS Advanced School, you don't have to worry because you can pay directly here when you will arrive. So, what are you waiting for? Send your registration email as soon as possible. See you soon!

5th VIPS Advanced School on
Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition
and Image Processing

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September 26-29, 2005
Organized by the Vision, Image Processing and Sound Laboratory
Department of Computer Science, University of Verona, Italy

This is the 5th Advanced School organized by the VIPS laboratory, the fifth of a series of advanced lectures on significant topics in Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, and Image Processing.

These courses are particularly addressed to PhD students, but open to all types of researchers. Each course will typically be held in at most one week and will be focused on one specific topic in order to provide a more productive interaction with the lecturer.

The maximum number of participants is limited to 50 persons. In case of a larger number of applications, priority will be given to PhD students.

This school is titled "Visual Learning and Recognition". Details about the course, contents and the registration procedure are given in the following.

The 5th Advanced School is supported by GIRPR, Gruppo Italiano Ricercatori in Pattern Recognition


Vittorio Murino
Andrea Fusiello

Local Organizers

Andrea Colombari
Marco Cristani
Cheng Dong Seon
Davide Moschini


Prof. Horst Bischof

Institut for Computer Graphics and Vision
Technical University, Graz, Austria

Prof. Ales Leonardis

Faculty of Computer and Information Science
University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Course title

Visual Learning and Recognition


  • Introduction

  • Generic Issues

    • Cognitive visual systems
    • Complexity of visual recognition
    • Generative vs. discriminative methods

  • Visual Representations

    • Evolution of object models (recognition methods)
    • Generic (category-based) versus exemplar-based (geons, SQ, generalized cylinders)
    • Object-centered versus viewer-centered (perceptual grouping, features -ease of indexing)
    • Shape-based, appearance-based

  • Global Representations

    • Subspace Methods
    • PCA, LDA, ICA, CCA, NMF, SVM, Kernel Methods
    • Robust Recognition (occlusions, varying illumination, scale, cluttered background, etc.)
    • Mixture Representations (Multiple Eigenspaces, Split ASM)

  • Local Representations

    • Distinctive Regions (Harris, Hessian, Harris Affine, MSER, DOG,IBR,Kadir & Brady)
    • Local Feature (SIFT, Shape Context, Steerable Filters, Diff. Invariants)
    • Performance Evaluation
    • Extensions (Tracking, Constellations)

  • Issues in Visual Learning

    • Robust Learning
    • Incremental Learning
    • Learning with Minimal (No) Supervision --> Conservative Learning

  • Specific Approaches/Applications with possible exercises

    • Subspace Methods & Mobile Robotica
    • Trainable models for object class detection
    • Distinctive image features from scale-invariant keypoints (SIFT, Lowe)
    • Recognition Demos

Final Lectures Schedule

Monday 26 Tuesday 27 Wednesday 28 Thursday 29
10.00 - 13.00 10.00 - 13.00 09.30 - 13.30
14.30 - 18.30 14.30 - 17.30 14.30 - 17.30

Starting from 13.30 o'clock, a reception desk will be waiting for your arrival in front of the teaching room named "Aula verde". When you will arrive here in our department, you will find the needed indications to reach that desk.

Course Fees

150 euro for PhD and undergraduate students.
200 euro for post doc, researchers, and other people working directly in a university.
300 euro for everybody else.


If you are interested, you must send an email to in which you ask for participation. Please, state your identity and your status (undergraduate, PhD student, other) and wait for the confirmation email. The ultimate deadline is September 14, 2005.

Attached to our confirmation email you will find a registration form to print, compile and send together with a proof of the payment by fax before September 14, 2005, to the following no. +39 045 8027068, to the attention of Prof. V. Murino, 5th VIPS School on Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, and Image Processing.

The proposed payment method is bank wire transfer (all necessary data are in the form).

Important Dates

Registration deadline:

September 14, 2005


Course Fee payment deadline:

September 14, 2005

(Registration form + Proof of payment)


September 26-29, 2005


The accomodation costs are not covered by the Course Fee. However, we have made agreements with some convenient hotels and you can find a list of available places here.
If you wish to take advantage of these opportunities please remember to notify to the hotel that you are attending our school.

Information on how to reach our department are presented in this page.

For any other information, please send an email to

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