Lima3D Low cost 3D imaging and modelling automatic system

LIMA 3D is a COFIN project. The project aims at the development of a low-cost system for the three-dimensional (3D) modeling of scenes and objects starting from the acquisition of real subjects.

From analysis and processing of raw data (measured by the sensors), 3D models will be extracted and utilised for different applications. The system will be focused on all the modeling stages, from the sensor design and development, and related image generation (optical and range), to the graphic rendering and synthetic reproduction of the observed objects and scenes. The system, and the specific developed techniques, will be characterised by the versatility of dealing with different types of data and will be devoted to the reconstruction of both single objects and whole scenes. For more information ypu can see the project page.

The project is carried out by six Italian universities, specialized in sensor design, Computer Vision and Computer Graphics.

MARCH 17th 2006: final WORKSHOP